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Beat the heat and achieve ultimate cooling comfort with Vestar innovative technology air conditioners. Fixed-speed air conditioners, also known as non-inverters or standard ACs, utilize a simpler technology compared to inverters. Imagine an air conditioner that intelligently adjusts its cooling power, to seamlessly maintain your desired temperature. This translates into a multitude of benefits.


Fixed-speed ACs rely on a single-speed compressor. This compressor has two main states: full blast and off.
Once the desired temperature is reached, the compressor shuts off completely. The room temperature then gradually rises. When the temperature rises above a set point, the compressor kicks back in at full power to cool the room again. So you can enjoy the best cooling experience.

Lower Upfront Cost

If you only use the air conditioner occasionally, the lower upfront cost might outweigh the efficiency benefits of an inverter model.

Simpler Design

They have a less complex design, potentially resulting in easier and lower-cost repairs if needed.

Budget Restrictions

If budget is a major concern, a fixed-speed AC offers a functional cooling solution at a lower price point.

Large Spaces

In very large spaces, maintaining a perfectly consistent temperature might not be crucial, and the lower cost of a fixed-speed AC might be more attractive.

Fixed Speed ACs?

where simplicity meets effective cooling solutions for your spaces. Our collection of Fixed Speed Air Conditioners is designed to provide reliable comfort with straightforward operation, ensuring that you stay cool without any complexity.

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