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Beat the heat and achieve ultimate comfort with Vestar innovative inverter technology air conditioners. Unlike traditional models that cycle on and off abruptly, creating temperature fluctuations and wasting energy, Vestar inverter ACs operate with unparalleled precision. Imagine an air conditioner that intelligently adjusts its cooling power, much like a dimmer switch, to seamlessly maintain your desired temperature. This translates into a multitude of benefits.


Built with revolutionary Inverter Technology, Vestar air conditioners keep monitoring and adjusting the speed and power of the compressor to maintain the set temperature in the room. They consume only that much power as required to keep the temperature within the desired range, thereby helping you save energy and power without compromising on comfort. So you can enjoy the best cooling experience at a minimum cost.

Energy Efficient

Inverter ACs can be significantly more energy-efficient than traditional models. By eliminating the surge of energy required to start a compressor and by precisely matching cooling output to demand, inverter ACs can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. 

Consistent Comfort

Inverter ACs maintain a more consistent temperature by continually adjusting compressor speed. This eliminates the uncomfortable temperature swings common with traditional ACs that cycle on and off.

Quieter Operation

Inverter ACs operate at lower noise levels due to the variable-speed compressor. This is especially noticeable at lower cooling capacities, when a traditional AC would cycle on and off frequently.


Inverter ACs tend to have a longer lifespan than traditional models because the compressor experiences less wear and tear due to the smoother operation.

Are Inverter ACs Right for You?

Inverter ACs typically come with a higher initial cost than traditional models. However, the energy savings and other benefits can offset the additional cost over time. If you are looking for an energy-efficient, quiet, and comfortable air conditioning solution, then an inverter AC is a great option.

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